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Project X LZ Handcrafted shafts are the latest shaft from Project X Shafts and have become something of a cult hit amongst shaft enthusiasts around the world. The new Project X LZ Hand Crafted shaft combines a unique “Loading Zone” technology for a flexible mid-section with proprietary FlexLok™ torsional bands. These two technologies work together to produce maximum shaft loading without the loss of stability. The result is maximized ball speed with total control designed to make you play you best golf every time you tee it up.

Project X Shafts Technology

Project X Shafts feature some of the most technologically advanced materials and engineering ever seen in a golf shaft.  To find out more about what goes into a Project X shaft, check out the Project X shaft technology page and discover why Project X have been having success on PGA Tours across the globe for years.  We understand not everybody wants to know exactly what goes into their shaft but we also feel you’ll benefit from knowing the basics of shaft design and encourage you to learn more about not just Project X shaft technology, but shaft technology in general.

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To find out more about Project X Shaft news including who’s winning with project X, new products and all the latest happenings and developments at Project X Shafts, check out the Project X Shaft Blog.  We update the blog every time there’s news from Project X and every time a new product hits the public so come back often to stay up to date on Project X.

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